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Luke Eustace (Mortgage Broker)

With a diverse background of professional experience, Luke brings a variety of highly beneficial skills to the team at GSC.

Previous experience in real estate sales means Luke is perfectly positioned to help purchasers through the process of owning a home. Luke is extremely passionate about property ownership and his property-centric approach to lending ensures clients are making sound decisions that will pave the way for their wealth building journey.

A La Trobe University Graduate, Luke's 10+ years in customer service and sales roles are evident in his excellent interpersonal skills, networking abilities, extensive marketing experience and nurturing of client relationships. An Ocean Grove resident, Luke spends his time away from the office playing music, snowboarding, being a devoted husband and father and indulging in his side hustle: Blue Sky Brewing.

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Credit Representative Number 489530 is authorised under Australian Credit Licence Number 391237.

Your full financial situation and requirements need to be considered prior to any offer and acceptance of a loan product.
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